Workshops and Presentations

To aid maximum stakeholder participation in the detailed design and delivery phase of the I-SEM project, the SEMC and Regulatory Authorities have planned and facilitated a number of workshops and engagements for each of the workstreams.

Outlined below are details of upcoming workshops along with copies of the materials from recent past events.  Materials from all workshops can be found in the publications section of this website.

Senior Stakeholder forum 15 May 2015

Energy Trading Arrangements
Slides from Stakeholder Forum 13 May 2015

Capacity Remuneration Mechanism

I-SEM CRM Consultation 2 Emerging Thinking Stakeholder Workshop on Tuesday 5th April
I-SEM CRM Paper 2 Stakeholder Forum Wednesday 20th January

Forwards and Liquidity
Financial Transmission Rights Forum September 2015 slides

Market Power
I-SEM Market Power Mitigation Workshop 2 December 2015

Governance and Licencing
I-SEM Market rules working group 22 October 2015 presentations