Market Monitoring

The Market Monitoring Unit (MMU) engages with generators and operators to monitor compliance with market rules.  It forms one part of the Market Power Mitigation strategy for the SEM , which includes in addition to the MMU, Directed Contracts process and the Bidding Code of Practice. The MMU is a group of analysts housed within the Regulatory Authorities (RAs) and is responsible primarily for monitoring:

  • Short and long-term SEM outcomes (such as prices,quantities)
  • Participant behaviour

The MMU reports to the SEM Committee on these matters on an ongoing basis, and produces internal and public reports as part of its function.

The MMU also interacts with other workstreams to inform the broader regulatory function, and forms an interface for market participants who may wish to alert the RAs to potential abuse of market power and/or breach of the Bidding Code of Practice.

For further information on the Market Monitoring Unit, please contact Jean Pierre Miura (