SEM-18-041 Capacity Remuneration Mechanism Exception Application and Opt-out Notification Process For the T-4 2022/23 Capacity Auction

10 September 2018


  The Regulatory Authorities (RAs) today, 10 September 2018, publish the following documentation in respect of the Capacity Remuneration Mechanism T-4 Capacity Auction for Capacity Year 2022/23 in reference to SEM-18-041 CRM T-4 CY2022/23: Exception Application Briefing Note

  • SEM-18-041a Appendix A: CRM T-4 CY2022/23 New Capacity Template
  • SEM-18-041c Appendix C: CRM T-4 CY2022/23 Opt-out Notification to RAs Template