System Services Future Arrangements Scoping Paper

The SEM Committee is today, 8 July 2020, publishing a paper on the scope of the development of a framework for the procurement of System Services to apply from 1 May 2023. Under the DS3 Project, System Services were developed, which enable the TSOs to procure a variety of services from providers of different technology types to support the electricity system. This has been an important aspect in enabling increased levels of non-synchronous penetration on the system.

Currently System Services are procured through contracts with qualified providers. These contracts are scheduled to end on 30 April 2023. This, combined with developments in European Regulations, has led the SEM Committee to conclude that a review of the arrangements is required. This Scoping Paper is designed to facilitate engagement on this review.

Responses to the Scoping Paper should be forwarded to Dylan Ashe ( and Bronagh McKeown (