System Services Future Arrangements – Decision Paper 1

The SEM Committee today, 30 March 2021, publishes a decision paper on the System Services Future Arrangements. This paper summarises the responses received to the Future Arrangements Scoping Paper (SEM-20-044) and provides a number of decisions relating to the objective and assessment criteria, the approach to the project, an extension to the Regulated Arrangements and the Fixed Contract Arrangements.

The SEM Committee has determined that the final objective and assessment criteria will remain unchanged with the addition of three new criteria, Enabling the Energy Transition, Clarity for Investors and Transparency. The SEM Committee has also decided on a three-stage project approach, consisting of the Scoping Phase, High Level Design Phase and Implementation Phase.

The SEM Committee has decided to grant a 12 month extension to the current Regulated Arrangement contracts, meaning these will now end on 30 April 2024.  The paper also sets out a framework for further Fixed Contract Procurement. This framework will be used when required to encourage the development of new technology projects.

Should stakeholders have any queries or comments please contact Dylan Ashe ( or Owen Kearns (