Consultation on Generator Financial Performance Reporting Framework

The Generator Financial Performance Report examines the financial performance of generation companies in the SEM in a financial year.  Licensed generation companies with a combined ownership capacity greater than or equal to 25MW operating in the SEM are required to submit information in a template circulated by the Regulatory Authorities (RAs). The latest report was published for the financial year 2022 on 09 July 2024. 

The RAs noted that the current reporting framework has some limitations in effectively identifying the revenues and profits earned by the generators from electricity markets. The SEM Committee is of the view that a simplified reporting framework, extending to cover more generators under the reporting framework, would result in greater transparency into the money that is circulated and earned through various revenue streams in the SEM. 

The SEM Committee welcomes the views of stakeholders on the Generator Financial Performance Reporting Framework by 20 August 2024