Information Paper: I-SEM Readiness Criteria, Governance & Contingency

11 May 2017

Information Paper: I-SEM Readiness Criteria, Governance & Contingency

The SEMC today, 11 May 2017, publishes an information paper on ISEM Readiness. The paper outlines: the key interactions and Stage Gates leading up to each of the Go-Live Events; the decision-making process as to whether an event can ‘go-live’ or ‘no-go-live’ and provides views on contingency should a ‘no-go’ decision be made at any stage.

I-SEM: High Level Readiness Framework

The SEMC today, 20 January 2017, publishes a High Level Market Readiness framework document for the I-SEM.  It provides an overview of how the RAs and TSOs will manage the transition to I-SEM go-live within the overall I-SEM programme, and how activities will be co-ordinated to provide a consolidated readiness function for I-SEM.  The document identifies critical go-live events and provides a high-level roadmap for each event, intending to inform stakeholders of the approach to monitoring the overall readiness of participants and market systems ahead of go-live. 



A subsequent more detailed Readiness Framework document, setting out the criteria, governance and contingency for each go-live event will be published by the SEM Committee in May 2017.