Intermediate Length Contract Decision Paper

Intermediate Length Contract Decision Paper 

The SEM Committee is today, 02 May 2024, publishing a decision paper on Intermediate Length Contracts (ILCs).

Among the design decisions included in the paper are that a market participant may apply to the RAs to obtain an ILC of up to five years where they can demonstrate:

•    That the unit will be investing more than €100,000/MWd (the Intermediate Contract Investment Rate Threshold (ICIRT)).
•    That, post-investment, the unit will emit no more than 550gCO2/kWh.
Investors seeking to bid for an ILC in the 2028/29 T-4 auction must submit an ILC Exception Application by 4 June 2024. An ILC Exception Application template and guidance note is being published on the SEM Committee website, in parallel to this decision.

Update: 20 May 2024

The SEM Regulatory Authorities are hereby reiterating to the industry that in relation to applications for Intermediate Length Contracts under the Exception Application Process for the forthcoming T-4 2028/29, the deadline remains 04 June 2024. However, the provision of supplementary information to substantiate refurbishment costs will be accepted until 18 June 2024. 

The application submission deadline of 04 June 2024 remains unchanged. For the avoidance of doubt, the information provided by this date should be final in respect of Net Going Forward Costs associated to the ILC application. There will be no extensions granted for this date. 

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your timely submissions. 

The SEM RAs will host an MS Teams workshop on Thursday 23rd May 2024 10:00 am to cover the ILC application process, if you would like to participate, please confirm your attendance by sending us an email on and, a link to the meeting will be sent in advance to the workshop. 

While changes to the Capacity Market Code will not be in place by the time Qualification and Exception Applications are due on 4 June 2024, the SEM Committee intends to bring forward a CMC modification proposal to implement the ILC decisions outlined in this paper as soon as possible.