CMC Modifications Workshop 36 Timetable

CMC Modifications Workshop 36 Timetable

Four proposed Modifications to the Capacity Market Code have been submitted for consideration at Workshop 36. This timetable is related to the following modifications:

CMC_02_24: Modification to the performance security requirement

CMC_03_24: Enduring mechanism for indexation based on GB model

CMC_04_24: Recovery of Net Present Value lost as a result no-fault delays to new capacity projects

CMC_05_24: Amendment to J.6.1.6 to recognise extensions granted under SEM-23-101 and SEM-23-108

The RAs are today, 05 April 2024, publishing the timetable setting out how they plan to consult and make a decision relating to the proposals.

As set out in the timetable, the RAs intend to consult on the modifications from Friday 19 April 2024 to Monday 20 May 2024, for a period of 5 weeks and intend to publish their decision by Friday 28th of June 2024.