CMC Modifications Workshop 33 Timetable


CMC Modifications Workshop 33 Timetable:

Six proposed Modifications to the Capacity Market Code have been submitted for consideration at Workshop 33. This timetable is related to the following modifications.

The proposals are:

CMC_18_23: Amendment to Definition of Third Party Extension Period

CMC_20_23: Amendment to Timing of Opt Out Notifications

CMC_21_23: Minimum Completion on Receipt of Interim Operational Notification

CMC_22_23: Indexation of Capacity Payment Price for Inflation

The following Modification Proposal was also raised at CMC Modifications Workshop 33 but will be addressed in a separate consultation relating to delay modifications:

CMC_23_23: Mitigation of Impact on Participants relating to System Operator Grid Connection delays

The RAs are today, 05 October 2023, publishing the timetable setting out how they plan to consult and make a decision relating to the proposals.

As set out in the timetable, the RAs intend to consult on the modifications from Friday 20 October 2023 to Friday 01 December 2023, for a period of 6 weeks and intend to publish their decision by Tuesday 16 January 2024.