Approved Modification Text Drafting for Decision on modified and combined Modifications to Facilitate Delivery of Capacity

On 30 November 2023, the SEM Committee published its decision to implement the two CMC Modifications set out in SEM-23-080, to deliver a more cohesive overall approach to managing risks associated with delivering multi-year New Capacity SEM-23-101.

The SEM Committee is today, 21 December 2023, publishing the legal drafting to implement the two CMC Modifications and confirming its decision on the following CMC Modification Proposals:

  • CMC_01_23: Amendment to Substantial Completion Drafting

  • CMC_04_23: Introduction of remedial action for unforeseeable delays due to extraordinary supply chain impacts

  • CMC_09_23: Removal of Section J.6.1.6 of the Capacity Market Code

  • CMC_10_23: Mitigation of Impact on Participants relating to 3rd Party Gas Connection delays

  • CMC_16_23: Extension to New Capacity Impacted by Indexation

  • CMC_23_23: Mitigation of Impact on Participants relating to System Operator Grid Connection delays

The SEM Committee has decided to make two modifications that are materially different from those proposed, and in doing so has modified and combined the CMC Modification Proposals listed above with the legal drafting included in this paper.

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