The Regulatory Authorities work to ensure the development of renewable energy policy in Ireland and Northern Ireland is conducted in an efficient and sustainable manner, in line with the development of the SEM, National and European policy targets. Renewable energy is derived from clean, re-usable forms of energy and includes energy generated from sources such as wind,wave, tidal , biomass and landfill gas.

The Regulatory Authorities work on all-island renewable issues to the benefit of industry and customers in both jurisidictions. This work includes items such as determining PSO levies, harmonisation of SEM Rules with regard to renewable generators, licensing of renewable generators and disclosure of information by electricity suppliers to customers.

To help promote the use of renewable sources of energy and reach policy targets, the Regulatory Authorities work to facilitate the connection of renewable generators to the transmission and distribution electricity networks. This also includes specific rules in relation to electricity wholesale trading arrangements to facilitate renewable generators to sell their electricity to end customers.

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