System Operators publish final results of Single Electricity Market T-1 CY2020/21 and T-2 CY2021/22 Capacity Auctions

15 January 2020

Today, the System Operators published the final results for Capacity Auctions T-1 CY2020/21 and T-2 CY2021/22 as approved by the Single Electricity Market Committee (SEMC).

The Capacity Auctions ensure security of supply on the island of Ireland by securing capacity through a competitive auction process.  Capacity providers sell qualified capacity to the market based on generation capacity required in a future capacity year.  Only capacity that is needed is procured and the auction process allows for competition between new market entrants and existing capacity to deliver the best outcome for consumers.

Both the T-1 CY2020/21 and T-2 CY 2021/22 auctions were successful in securing sufficient generating capacity, as determined by the System Operators.  This will help to ensure electricity security of supply across the island for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 calendar years. 

Capacity auctions run on an annual basis and all market participants, including new investors, are able to participate.

The final auction results can be found on the SEMO website.