SEM-18-036 Updates to ESB's DC Contracting documentation

20 July 2018

Updates to ESB’s DC Contracting documentation


The SEM Committee is today (20.07.18) publishing an Information Paper (SEM-18-036) to notify stakeholders of edits to ESB’s published Directed Contract Master Agreement documentation. The changes include minor edits to the existing Directed Contract Financial Energy Master Agreement, Schedule, Credit Support Annex and Subscription Rules. These changes correct minor drafting oversights and do not require that counterparties enter into new agreements with the ESB. Any affected participants will be issued with replacement documentation by ESB to update their records.

The Information Paper is accompanied by the following documentation from ESB:

  • DC Financial Energy Master Agreement
  • DC Credit Support Annex
  • DC Confirmation
  • Subscription Rules

These documents can be found here.

For further information please contact Rory O’ Donnell (