Ramping Constraints on Euphemia Algorithm

08 September 2017

The Regulatory Authorities are today, 8th September 2017,  publishing the Information Note SEM-17-067 ‘Ramping Constraints on Euphemia Algorithm’.

Due to system security reasons, TSOs currently impose ramping restrictions on the Moyle and East West interconnectors. Without any ramping constraints on the Euphemia algorithm, the scheduled flows would be beyond what the system can match. The mismatch between the market coupling results and what can be delivered by the system would generate significant imbalance exposures to the TSOs.

In order to minimise these imbalances, a ‘step change limit’ will be placed on Euphemia whereby the maximum volume by which the schedule can change from one hour to the next, is limited.

The decision of the SEM Committee is to set a step change limit of 300 MWh/h per interconnector for market start.