Open letter to energy market participants

06 September 2022

On August 26th, the SEM Committee published a call for comments on the Ernst and Young (EY) review of the performance of the SEM Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM).  In light of commentary following this publication, the SEM Committee would like to provide the following reassurances:

  • the currently planned T1 and T-4 capacity auctions will go ahead in line with published schedules and information,
  • EirGrid will continue to prioritise connections for currently contracted capacity in line with relevant CRU Directions including, inter alia, CRU/21/030a.  

The SEM Committee would welcome stakeholder responses to the call for comments, as well as the forthcoming consultation on the best new entrant (BNE).  The SEM Committee and the Regulatory Authorities are continuing to enhance the operation of the CRM to ensure the procurement and delivery of capacity in the interests of the all-island consumer.

SEM-22-064 Open letter to market participant (PDF 48 KB)