NI Generation and Supply Licences

02 February 2007

Draft Modification Notice for NIE's Public Electricity Supply Licence

On the 29th June, the Regulatory Authorities published the Draft Modification Notice for the Public Electricity Supply Licence for NIE. The actual modification notice will be issued, sublject to DETI's consent and the meeting of a number of other criteria, to take effect from 3rd July.

NOTE:  Whilst these modifications are being made to NIE's current PES licence, theis licence will be converted into a standard supply licence at or by Go-Live. Note also that charge restriction conditions have been included for both the Supply and PPB activities. However, these are only "default" conditiions and that, after Go-Active, the RAs intend to propose changes such that these default conditions are replaced (together with any consequential changes) prior to taking effect at Go-Live.

These "default" restrictions are without prejudice to the nature of the changes that the RAs might propose, and are only to provide some form of restriction should the licensee not agree the RAs proposals and the matter be referred the the Competition Commission.


Draft Modification Notices for Supply Licences - Northern Ireland

On the 28th June, the Regulatory Authorities published the following Draft Modification Notices for Supply Licences.

Note: Because the amendments in Appendix I to the existing Condition 5 take effect at , Go-Active (3rd July 2007) whereas, in the amendments in Appendix III to other Conditions, references are to the Order and Conditions are amended at or by Go-Live (1st November 2007). Actual modifications notices will be issued, subject to the Northern Ireland Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment's (DETI) consent and the meeting of a number of other criteria to take effect from 3rd July 2007.

AIP-SEM-07-364 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Airtricity (PDF 362 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-365 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Bord Gais Eireann (PDF 362 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-366 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - ESB (PDF 362 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-367 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Lowlands Health and Energy (PDF 359 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-368 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Nigen Supply Ltd (PDF 362 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-369 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Npower (PDF 361 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-370 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Powergen (PDF 361 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-371 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Premier Power (PDF 362 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-372 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - ScottishPower Retail (PDF 361 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-373 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - SSE Energy (PDF 361 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-374 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Tradelink Solutions Ltd (PDF 362 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-363 SEM Modification Notice - Supply - Viridian (PDF 375 KB)

Draft Modification Notices for Generation Licences - Northern Ireland

On the 29th June, the Regulatory Authorities(RAs) published the updated Draft Modification Notices for Generation Licences.

Draft Modification Notices are subject to the NI Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) approval. DETI have identified the need for a change, and the RAs have therefore made a minor modification to  the Cancellation Condition which was published in a decision doucment on the 19th June following public consultation.(Cancellation of Generator Unit Agreements - Decision Document) The revised Condition will be included in all the relevant licences.

AIP-SEM-07-351 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Altahullion Wind Farm Ltd (PDF 295 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-347 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Ballylumford (PDF 308 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-354 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Bessy Bell Wind Farm Ltd (PDF 294 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-355 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Bin Mountain (PDF 296 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-352 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Callagheen Wind Farm (PDF 296 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-350 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Coolkeeragh (PDF 260 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-348 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Kilroot (PDF 309 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-349 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Lendrum_s Bridge Wind Farm Ltd (PDF 243 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-353 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Lough Hill Wind Farm (PDF 295 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-356 SEM Modification Notice Generation - Tappaghan (PDF 295 KB)

Northern Ireland Generation and Supply Licences

On the 19th June, the Regulatory Authorities published the following SEM/Directive draft licences/conditions.The licences and conditions that have been published may be subject to change from now until Go-Active for any of the following reasons:

- any further changes that are appropriate to make to the drafting of the licences in light of the recent public consultation processes that have not been concluded on thus far;

-legal drafting changes which it is appropriate to make to the licences that do not materially amend the effect or outcome of the current drafts;

-any further changes which it is necessary to make to the generic licences (either generation or supply) in order to create the individual licencs for each relevant licence holder. The Regulatory Authorities are currently finalizing drafting in relation to the default price control condition which is applicable to the NIE T&D and NIE Energy licences.

At present the Regulatory Authorities are working to produce drafts of the 'modification notices' that will identify the changes directed to each individual licence. This will include incorporating the transitional provisions into the individual licences and also the production of specific generation and supply licences for each generator and supplier. The Regulatory Authorities wiil endeavor to produce these draft licences as soon as is practically possible, and these will be published on this website on the week commencing the 25th June.

Electricity Generation Licence (generic draft)

AIP-SEM-07-297 SEM Generation Licence - Third Consultation Draft (PDF 142 KB)

Electricity Supply Licence (generic draft)

AIP-SEM-07-301 SEM -Single Supply Licence - Third Consultation Draft (PDF 322 KB)

Licence conditions for NIE Energy Limited Power Procurement Business

AIP-SEM-07-298 PPB Conditions - Third Consultation Draft (PDF 129 KB)

NI Generation Licence Consultation

On February 28th 2007 the Regulatory Authorities published a consultation on NI generator licence conditions in the SEM. This consultation closed on March 28th.

AIP-SEM-07-30 NI Electricity Generation Licence Modifications (PDF 24 KB)

On March 28th 2007 the Regulatory Authorities published a draft generation licence in favour of AES Kilroot. The licence is included in both clean and deltaview version. This consultation closed on March 28th.

AIP-SEM-07-32 Electricity Generation Licence in favour of Kilroot Power Limited (PDF 154 KB)

AIP-SEM-07-31 Deltaview - Electricity Generation Licence in favour of Kilroot Power Limited 28.02.07 (PDF 298 KB)

On February 2nd 2007 the Regulatory Authorities published a consultation paper on Enduring Licensing and Contractual Framework Applying under the SEM and associated changes for EU Directive Compliance in Northern Ireland. The consultation period for this paper was originally March 2nd but was extended until close of business on March 16th 2007.

AIP-SEM-07-11 Consultation on legal framework publication (PDF 79 KB)