Information Paper I-SEM R7 - DC Quantities and Prices

12 June 2019

Quarterly Directed Contract Information Paper - Round 7

Today, Wednesday 12th June 2019, the Regulatory Authorities (RAs) are publishing an Information Paper on the quantities and prices for the "Round 7” offerings of Directed Contracts (DCs).

DCs are a part of the RAs’ market power mitigation strategy to ensure that the benefits associated with the SEM are not undermined by the abuse of market power. The purpose of these contracts is to remove the incentive on the dominant company to attempt to profit from the use of market power.

Supplier eligibility for DCs will be communicated by the Regulatory Authorities to each relevant supplier and to the seller (ESB) separately.

Please note that the forthcoming Primary DC Subscription Window will commence on Tuesday 18th June 2019.

The document can be found here