I-SEM Project – Market Update

17 April 2018

The SEM Committee (SEMC) acknowledges the significant work by all market participants, Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and the Regulatory Authority teams to progress the ISEM project to the final stage of systems testing and trials in advance of go-live. The Committee confirms the ISEM revised go-live date of 1 October 2018.

On 21st March, the SEMC informed market participants that the ISEM market go-live date of 23 May 2018 was “at risk” due to ongoing issues with the central IT systems.

Since then the SEMC, along with the Regulatory Authorities and TSOs, have been liaising with market participants to address residual IT system issues and assess whether a revision of the scheduled go-live date would be necessary to ensure the effective transition to the ISEM.

The feedback from market participants and the TSOs is that the transition to the new market would require an extension to the ISEM go-live date. While the SEMC considers it important that the market is launched as soon as possible, particularly as all other components of the ISEM project are ready, it takes the views of stakeholders on market and system preparedness seriously. The SEMC also accepts that the TSO’s assessment of system readiness before go-live is critical to the project’s success.

Recognising the realities for both TSOs, central IT systems and the need to allow adequate testing of market participants IT systems, the SEMC has decided* that the market will now go-live on 1 October 2018. The timetable for future capacity auctions, including the T-4 auction, remains unchanged.

The SEMC has advised the Departments of Communications, Climate Action and Environment and the Department for the Economy accordingly. This additional period is seen as essential to allow for residual IT system issues to be resolved and for a longer period of market testing and trialling that will ensure the arrangements for the ISEM go-live are effective.

*Subject to the completion of the formal ISEM project change control process.