I-SEM Market Monitoring Unit

20 September 2018


 I-SEM Market Monitoring Unit

The introduction of the I-SEM will significantly alter the electricity market from the existing SEM framework to the extent that is has necessitated the need to develop a new unit to monitor the markets that make up the I-SEM.

This unit, I-SEM Market Monitoring Unit, will monitor all I-SEM markets and detect market abuse, either within or across, these markets.  The unit will be managed by Brian Mulhern (brian.mulhern@uregni.gov.uk).

Get in Touch

General Market Queries

Should participants or any third party notice any potential market anomalies, or have any comments or questions in relation to the I-SEM, the RAs have provided the below market queries email address. 

Any communications received will, as always, be treated in the strictest of confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact the RAs, on the below ‘market queries’ email address with any queries/comments you would like us to address.


REMIT – Suspected Market Manipulation/Whistle-Blowing

REMIT, the Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency, entered EU law on 28th December 2011 and provides for an EU-wide market rules and monitoring framework related to wholesale energy markets in electricity and gas.

A key pillar of REMIT is the reporting by market participants, or third parties on their behalf, of energy transaction data to ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators), which allow ACER to assess for compliances with REMIT’s market rules.

Further information related to REMIT is provided by ACER here: https://www.acer-remit.eu/

Under Article 15(1) of REMIT, organisations or persons who arrange transactions on wholesale energy products are obliged to report suspicious transactions or abusive market behaviour to the RAs in a timely manner. To report a suspicious transaction or potential breach of REMIT, or to notify a delay in the reporting of inside information, participants and third parties are requested to use ACER’s online notification platform:


Any market participant, or third party, who has submitted a report via the ACER platform should also send a copy of any notification to the following email addresses.



Any market participant or third party, or who wish to get in touch with the RAs directly should they have any comments or questions in relation to suspicious trading behaviour within the I-SEM, should do so on the same email addresses.



As always, any communications received will be treated in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with GDPR.