I-SEM CRM T-4 CY 2022/23 Auction parameters consultation

14 May 2018

The Regulatory Authorities (RAs) today, 14 May 2018, publish the I-SEM CRM T-4 CY 2022/23 parameters consultation.

This consultation relates to the first T-4 Capacity Auction for the Capacity Year 2022/23 for which the auction is due to take place in March 2019.

In summary this consultation paper includes the following:

  • Treatment of constraints in first T-4 capacity auction;
  • Auction format;
  • Capacity Requirement;
  • Loss of Load Expectation (LOLE) Standard;
  • Administered Scarcity Pricing (ASP);
  • Auction Volumes and Demand Curve;
  • T-4 Auction Price Caps for capacity year 2022/23;
  • Summary of T-4 proposed parameters.

Responses to the consultation paper should be sent to both Karen Shiels (karen.shiels@uregni.gov.uk) and Kevin Lenaghan (kevin.lenaghan@uregni.gov.uk) by 17.00 on Tuesday, 26 June 2018.