I-SEM Capacity Market Code Modifications Consultation

02 July 2018

I-SEM Capacity Market Code Modifications Consultation


The Regulatory Authorities (RAs) today, 2nd July 2018, publish the Capacity Market Code Modifications Consultation Paper as required under Section B.12.8 of the Capacity Market Code.


This consultation relates to the Proposed Modifications submitted and discussed at Capacity Market Code Modifications Working Group 1 held on 10th May 2018.


In summary this consultation paper includes the following:

  • CMC_01_18 – NIROCs in the CRM
  • CMC_02_18 – Permitted Disclosures
  • CMC_04_18 – Capacity Auction Participation
  • CMC_05_18 – Combining Candidate Units into a Capacity Market Unit
  • CMC_06_18 – Disaggregation of Performance Securities to Capacity Market Unit
  • CMC_07_18 – Information Published following a Capacity Auction
  • CMC_08_18 – Typographical Correction – E.8.2.4
  • CMC_09_18 – Publication of Qualification Results
  • CMC_10_18 – Report on Capacity Auction

The consultation and these documents can be found here.


Responses to the consultation paper should be sent to both Kevin Lenaghan (kevin.lenaghan@uregni.gov.uk) and Karen Shiels (karen.shiels@uregni.gov.uk) by 17:00 on Thursday, 2nd August 2018.