I-SEM Balancing Market Principles Code of Practice -Decision Paper

11 July 2017

The Regulatory Authorities today, 11th July 2017, publish the Decision Paper on the Balancing Market Principles Code of Practice (BMPCoP).

This Decision Paper follows on from the Balancing Market Code of Practice Consultation Paper (SEM-17-026), the Complex Bid Offer Controls in the I-SEM Balancing Market Decision paper (SEM-17-020) and the I-SEM Market Power Decision paper (SEM-16-024).

This Decision Paper is accompanied by a revised BMPCoP that reflects the decisions taken in the Decision Paper.

The BMPCoP makes provision for the purpose of securing that complex bid offer data reasonably reflect the short run marginal cost of operating the generation set or unit to which they relate, thereby facilitating the efficient operation of the I-SEM Balancing Market by helping to ensure that generators cannot exercise market power in the generation of electricity on the island of Ireland or any part thereof.

Below please find the non-confidential responses the RAs received to SEM-17-026.

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