Firm Access Methodology in Ireland "EirGrid - Proposed Methodology"

27 September 2022


Firm Access Methodology in Ireland "EirGrid - Proposed Methodology"

The SEM Committee is today, 27 September 2022, publishing a Consultation Paper on a proposed Firm Access Methodology in Ireland.

The concept of firm financial access is a market-based quantity which primarily relates to compensation payments when generation is dispatched down from its original market position. The concept of firm access is a market measure which flows through the settlement process as set out in the Trading & Settlement Code (TSC) of the SEM.

In its June 2020 decision paper (CRU/20/060) Enduring Connection Policy Stage 2 (ECP-2), the CRU directed the TSO to develop a new methodology.  In December 2021 EirGrid published the Firm Access Methodology Review paper. Following engagement EirGrid submitted an updated Firm Access Methodology Proposal paper in June 2022, this is published alongside the RA consultation paper.

Responses to this consultation should be submitted to and by Tuesday,08 November 2022. Once responses have been received and considered, the RAs are aiming to publish a final decision on the Firm Access Methodology in Ireland in the coming months.