Decision on SEM Testing Tariffs 2023

21 November 2022

Decision on SEM Testing Tariffs 2023

Today, 21 November 2022, the SEM Committee publishes its Decision approving the SEM Testing Tariff rates that will apply to Generator Units Under Test (GUUT) from 1 January 2023.

The SEMC Decision is based on the TSOs’ Recommendation paper, which is published alongside this Decision.

The SEMC has decided to make no changes to the 2023 SEM Testing Tariff rates from the approved 2022 SEM Testing Tariff rates, other than to apply inflation.

The CRU will engage with the TSOs on a more detailed review of the testing tariff methodology ahead of the consultation on the 2024 rates next year.

Please direct any queries to Dylan Ashe,, in the CRU.