Capacity Market Code Working Group 13 – Modifications Decision Paper

18 August 2020

On 29 June 2020 the RAs published the Capacity Market Code Modifications Consultation Paper (SEM-20-043) relating to the proposed modification:

  • CMC_09_20 –  Modification to the Long Stop Date for the CY2020/21 T-1 Capacity Auction

This modification proposed the introduction of an Interim Arrangement that would adjust the Long Stop Date for awarded new capacity that was secured for the 2020/21 Capacity Year. This Interim Arrangement would only be applicable to new capacity, with a capacity duration of one year, which was secured in the T-1 CY2020/21 Capacity Auction.

The consultation period for this proposal ended on 27 July and today, 18 August 2020, the SEM Committee, published the decision paper, approving the proposed extension modification. The SEM Committee have hereby approved the extension of the Long Stop Date associated with only the CY2019/20 T-1 Auction, to 18 December 2020.

This paper contains a summary of the comments received during the consultation, the individual responses provided to the consultation and detail of the final decision.