Capacity Market Code Working Group 13 – CMC_09_20 Modifications Timetable

09 June 2020

The Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM) is a competitive element of the Single Electricity Market designed to ensure electricity security of supply across the island of Ireland.  Competitive auctions secure the necessary capacity to meet demand for delivery in a specified year. 

Section B.12 of the CMC sets out the Modifications process and contains details in regards to submitting a proposal, the process of discussing proposals through working groups and the consultation and decisions process.

During working group 13, which took place on 26 May 2020, one proposal was presented.

This timetable relates to how the RAs plan to consult and make a decision relating to the following proposal:

  • CMC_09_20 – Modification to the Long Stop Date for the CY2020/21 T-1 Capacity Auction

This modification proposes the introduction of an Interim Arrangement that would adjust the Long Stop Date for awarded new capacity that was secured in for the 2020/21 Capacity Year.

This Interim Arrangement would only be applicable to new capacity, with a capacity duration of one year, which was secured in the T-1 CY2020/21 Capacity Auction.

Today, 9 June 2020, the RAs have published the CMC modification timetable for these proposed modifications. 

As set out in the timetable the RAs intend to proceed to the consultation process on 26 June 2020.