Capacity Market Code Working Group 12 CMC_09_19, CMC_07_20 and CMC_08_20 Decision Paper

18 September 2020


Capacity Market Code Working Group 12  CMC_09_19, CMC_07_20 and CMC_08_20  Decision Paper

On 19 June 2020 the RAs published the Capacity Market Code Modifications Consultation Paper (SEM-20-040) relating to the proposed modifications:

  • CMC_09_19 – Supplementary Interim Secondary Trading (Version 2)

This modification proposed the implementation of Supplemental Interim Secondary Trading measures in the absence of a Secondary Trading platform.

  • CMC_07_20 – Change in Technology Class for Awarded New Capacity

This proposal aimed to allow for a change in Technology Class associated with Awarded New Capacity, where such a change has been accompanied by a new or modified connection agreement that reflects the change.

  • CMC_08_20 – Change of Awarded Existing Capacity to Awarded New Capacity

This proposal aimed to allow for the introduction of a means by which Substantial Completion can be reversed such that Existing Capacity that is not delivering is considered as Awarded New Capacity again.

The consultation period for this proposal ended on 31 July and today, 18 September 2020, the SEM Committee, published the decision paper, setting out the following decisions for each proposal:

  • CMC_09_19 – Approved for Implementation
  • CMC_07_20 – Undertake further consideration
  • CMC_08_20 – Rejected

This paper contains a summary of the comments received during the consultation, the individual responses provided to the consultation and detail of the final decision.

The documentation can be found here