Capacity Market Code Working Group 12 CMC_09_19, CMC_07_20 and CMC_08_20 Consultation Paper

19 June 2020

On 16 June 2020, the RAs published the Capacity Market Code Modifications Timetable (SEM-20-038) relating to the proposed modifications:

  • CMC_09_19 – Supplementary Interim Secondary Trading (Version 2)
  • CMC_07_20 – Change in Technology Class for Awarded New Capacity
  • CMC_08_20 – Change of Awarded Existing Capacity to Awarded New Capacity

As set out in this timetable, the RAs will now proceed with the consultation process. This consultation paper provides an overview of the proposal and the feedback received, only in regards to these proposals, during Working Group 12 which took place on 31st March 2020.

The SEM Committee welcomes views and responses on the proposed modifications raised within this consultation paper and request responses to the consultation paper be sent to both Kevin Lenaghan ( and Kevin Baron ( by 17.00 on Friday, 31 July 2020.