Capacity Market Code Urgent Modifications - Working Group 28 Decision Paper

09 January 2023

On 1 December 2022, the RAs published the Capacity Market Code Modifications Consultation Paper (SEM-22-092) relating to the proposed urgent modifications:

  • CMC_12_22 Remedial Action in the Event of Planning Application Delay to a Project that Qualifies under a Direction
  • CMC_13_22 Third Party Judicial Review Remedial Action
  • CMC-14_22 Mitigation of Impact of Third-Party Delays on Participants and Extension of Support Term
  • CMC_15_22 Introduction of New Remedial Action to Enable Extension due to Planning and Permitting Delays

The consultation period for these proposals ended on 15 December 2022 and today, 9 January 2023, the SEM Committee publish the decision paper and approve implementation.

This paper contains a summary of the comments received during the consultation, the individual responses provided to the consultation and details of the final decision.

Link to decision paper: SEM-23-001 Capacity Market Code Urgent Modifications Working Group 28