Capacity Market Code Urgent Modifications – Set 2 Consultation

08 February 2019

 Capacity Market Code Urgent Modifications – Set 2 Consultation

The Regulatory Authorities (RAs) today, 8th February 2019, publish the Capacity Market Code Urgent Modification – Set 2 Consultation Paper as required under Section B.12.8 of the Capacity Market Code.

This consultation relates to the Proposed Urgent Modifications discussed at the Capacity Market Code Modifications Working Group held on 30th January 2019.

This consultation paper includes the proposed Modifications:

 - CMC_01_19 – Interim Solution for Conducting Capacity Auctions

 - CMC_02_19 – Negative Interest

 - CMC_03_19 – Treatment of Exempt Price-Quantity Pairs

Responses to the consultation paper should be sent to both Kevin Lenaghan ( and Billy Walker ( by 17:00 on Friday, 22nd February 2019.

The documents can be foud here