Capacity Market Code Modifications – Working Group 10 Modification Consultation

19 December 2019


Capacity Market Code Modification – Working Group 10 Consultation Paper

The Capacity Market Code (CMC) sets out the arrangements whereby market participants can qualify for and participate in Capacity Auctions.

As a result of the daily operation of the SEM the CMC is regularly reviewed and modifications can be made to ensure the Code Objectives are achieved. These objectives are set out in section A.1.2.1 of the code and include, but are not limited to, ensuring there is transparency in the operation of the SEM, ensuring there is no undue discrimination and to ensure the promotion of the short-term and long-term interests of consumers of electricity with respect to price.

Section B.12 of the CMC sets out the Modifications process and contains details in regards to submitting a proposal, the process of discussing proposals through Working Groups and the consultation and decisions process. 

At Working Group 10, that took place on 21st November 2019, the RAs proposed a modification to the CMC in regards to modifying sections E.8.2.5 and E.8.2.8 to correct a typographical error in the formula contained within these sections. This proposal was submitted to ensure the code objectives are facilitated, specifically in regards to the provision of transparency in the operation of the SEM.

On the 13th December 2019 the Regulatory Authorities (RAs), published the Capacity Market Code Modifications Timetable in regards to the Modification CMC_08_19 – General Housekeeping Modifications. As set out in this timetable the RAs intended to proceed to the consultation process on 19th December 2019 for the proposed modification. The consultation paper provides an overview of the proposal and any feedback received during Working Group 10.

The SEM Committee welcomes views and responses on the proposed modification raised within this consultation paper and request responses to the consultation paper be sent to both Kevin Lenaghan ( and Billy Walker ( by 17:00 on Thursday, 30th January 2020.

The documents can be found here