Capacity Market Code Modifications - CMC_12_22, CMC_13_22, CMC_14_22 and CMC_15_22

21 November 2022

Capacity Market Code Urgent Modifications – Timetable for CMC_12_22, CMC_13_22, CMC_14_22 and  CMC_15_22

Four proposed modifications to the Capacity Market Code (CMC_12_22, CMC_13_22, CMC_14_22 and  CMC_15_22)  have been submitted which the RAs have deemed urgent.

The proposals relate to potential mitigation measures when implementation milestones have been delayed as a result of specific actions undertaken by third parties.

The proposals are:

CMC_12_22:   Remedial Action in the event of planning application delay to a project that qualifies under a Direction

CMC_13_22:   Third Party Judicial Review Remedial Action

CMC_14_22:   Mitigation of impact of Third-Party Delays on Participants and extension of Support term

CMC_15_22:   Introduction of New Remedial Action to Enable Extensions due to Planning and Permitting Delays

The Working Group where the proposals were presented took place on Thursday 17 November 2022.

The RAs have today, 21 November 2022, published the timetable setting out how the RAs plan to consult and make a decision relating to the proposal.

As set out in the timetable, the RAs intend to consult on the modifications from 01 December 2022 – 15 December 2022.