Addendum to T-4 CY26/27 Exceptions Briefing Note

03 October 2022

Addendum to SEM-22-014 - CRM Exception Application and Opt-out Notification Process for the T-4 2026/27 Capacity Auction

Today, 3 October 2022, the RAs are re-publishing Appendix B USPC Application Template for this auction, to reflect a corrected formula relating to Unavoidable Future Investment.

The RAs have extended the closing date for Opt-Outs and Exceptions Applications by one working day to reflect this. The closing date is now Friday 7 October 2022.

The RAs have published the following documentation in respect of the T-4 CY2026/27 Capacity Auction:

  • SEM-21-062 Addendum to SEM-22-014: T-4 CY2025-26 Exception Application Briefing Note
  • SEM-21-062a App A – T-4 CY2025-26 New Capacity Application
  • SEM-21-062b App B – T-4 CY2025-26 USPC Application